About Tetras.Ai

Founded in 2019, Tetras.AI aims to bring artificial intelligence into mobile devices by deeply integrating novel image sensors, AI-ISP chips and AI algorithms. Tetras.AI provides core technologies and products for intelligent imaging, video understanding and editing, augmented and mixed reality, as well as low-power solutions that integrate visual sensing, storage and computing, with the goal of providing superior visual experiences on mobile devices for customers.

Product Services
TetrasMobile AI Sensor Hardware Solution

The AI Sensor solution combines a hardware-friendly lightweight AI algorithm with a new type of image Sensor and solidifies IP. It not only effectively solves image quality pain points, but also greatly reduces the power consumption and bandwidth required for sensing and sensing. Boost hardware capability...


TetrasMobile Intelligent Image SDK Solution

Smart Imaging Software Solutions, in-depth research and understanding of mobile imaging from Sensor to ISP, and then to the application of the entire process, to provide end-to-end computational photography solutions, ... Our products cover many important scenes, such as night view, Super Score, portrait, video and so on. We can help handset manufacturers to improve the quality of photo/video imaging and enhance the photo/video experience of end users.

TetrasMobile AI ISP Chip

At present, the image quality of mobile phone image system is increasingly demanding. High image quality and low power consumption are the trend of image quality development. Hui carp aimed at the mobile phone and other hand-held terminal markets. It launched an AI image enhancement chip for image enhancement. It integrated all kinds of new sensors and supported industry-leading solutions such as AI-HDR, AI Super Night Vision and Color enhancement. To build a high-quality, low-power real-time image AI computing chip platform, to achieve real-time AI video quality enhancement...


TetrasMobile FaceID

FaceID uses face verification technology to accurately map facial geometric features and provide a secure and efficient authentication method, which can effectively protect the information stored on smart devices. In numerous rigorous battle testing and smartphone-level tests, FaceID has empowered major mobile phone manufacturers by supporting millions of mobile phones a year. Accumulating experience across various scenarios and user groups, it has become a widely recognized authentication-certified product.

TetrasMobileSmart Video

Supported by the world's leading AI visual perception technology, Tetras intelligent video solution focuses on the comprehensive information recognition of faces, human bodies, objects, spatial scenes, and video content. Based on the application scenarios of customers in different industries, we provide products and services in both images and videos, such as facial feature verification, face clustering, facial attribute analysis, structured analysis of scene content, and video highlight generation. At the same time, we support the large-scale deployment of mobile devices and the cloud, which provides efficient and accurate AI perception for multitudinous scenarios, such as intelligent photo album management, best moments capture, intelligent video editing, and media content searching.

TetrasMobile Basic Perception Product

Tetras.AI's basic perception product is based on our self-developed AI framework, which builds the underlying capabilities of AI applications and provides the data output of atomization modules for multiple scenes. Its core capabilities include detection, classification, pose estimation and tracking; users can freely define the upper-level business logic according to atomized data, and can also combine different fundamental capability pipelines in a customized manner to achieve complex interactive experiences. Our basic perception products have accumulated a wealth of industry experience in the computer vision field, enabling a range of applications (for example, AR/VR, beautification, makeup, and motion tracking).

TetrasMobile 3D Vision

Based on 3D perceptual image processing technology, Tetras.AI provides customers in variious industries with the necessary 3D vision algorithms for digital twins. Our solution involves enhancing and fusing RGB and depth images to reconstruct a 1:1 3D digital model. We offer real-time, high-precision detection of faces and human bodies, along with products and services such as AI depth image processing, 3D reconstruction of faces, objects, and spatial scenes, and face and human body driving. Our comprehensive 3D solutions cater to industries including smartphones, smart robots, smart cars, 3D printing manufacturers, and interactive entertainment.

TetrasMobile Augmented Reality Platform

Tetras.AI's AR platform is one of the largest metaverse platforms in Asia. To date, the platform has been widely used in numerous industries, such as smart phone, culture & tourism, and commercial real estate, providing customers with various metaverse applications and technical services.

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